Jade Mario releases Debut Album

5th June, 2020

Jade Mario  released his Debut Album


Jade Mario to release his debut album next month As we Fade in Time Debut Album on the way As we Fade in Time Album Cover. Ashford, May 21, 2020 — Jade Mario is A musical Artist, actor, and Model. he has recently graduated from High school in Miami, Florida As we Fade in Time. Debut Album “As we Fade in Time” Debut Album Release The young Singer, Rapper, and songwriter Jade Mario are thrilled to announce the launch of his Debut Music Album As we Fade in Time. This amazing Album is expected to be launched earlier next Month on 1st and on this day it will be available in all Major stores. Being his First-ever Album, the Los Angeles Multi-talented Artist has seen a lot of Pressure on his Social media account since he has been inactive working on this piece of work we all are waiting for. As we Fade in Time Back Story in details The Album he Named As we Fade in Time is a collection of his Fantasies, life, and admiration which was inspired by his favorite TV show and game, The Witcher. Jade Mario has been writing fantasy stories about the life he would have lived if it were to go back in time, and when the show started he was so much impressed by Freya Allan’s acting as Ciri “actually the whole theme of the story was Priceless” he says “ You know after I drake released his new Album Dark Lane Demo Tapes, I was like wow, now that’s good music, so I walked into my room and for one week became a slave of my pen and notebook and within one week I had written 12 songs of which I was satisfied with and decided to go ahead and arrange an Album”. Album Cover and Tittle Inspiration “Ciri being my most Favorite Character in The Witcher series, and Freya Allan being a perfect actress who made me love the show, even more, I decided to create the Cover in Her Honor both as Freya Allan and as Ciri.”

Jade Mario

Jade Mario Explained, He also mentioned that he has included two songs in the honor of both Freya Allan the actress in the show, titled Freya Allan, and another titled Ciri the Lion cub of Cintra. this helped him overcome his Quarantine Anxieties which were slowly conquering him into lying in bed the whole day or playing games. This Album includes 12 Unreleased songs in the genres Song List 1. Freya Allan 2. You’re the guitar song on my lips 3. Fade in Time 4. Ciri the Lion cub of Cintra 5. Denial 6. Let Go 7. Toronto Nights 8. Elon Musk 9. Heist 10. First Loved, First Broken 11. War 12. To the Moon 13. Brainer 14. Anxiety 15. Smile (The Winter Rose) 16. It Doesn’t Matter 17. Beautiful Swag 18. Pretty Girl 19. Your Number One Album Quote “One Life. Just One. Why aren’t we running like we were on fire towards our wildest dreams “

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