OpenAI Battle Rap Ref Set To Debut At Ultimate Rap League's NOME 14 With First Ever Multi-Million Dollar Victory Pool

Staten Island, New York Jun 5, 2024 ( - Battle Rap Station, the trailblazing DAO behind the "Battle Rap Super App," is set to revolutionize the battle rap subgenre of hip hop by transforming it into a professional sport. The secret weapon? An innovative and patented box scoring system managed by the bespoke OpenAI Chatbot, 'Battle Rap Ref,' under the watchful eye of Furqaan Clover, the visionary creator of the DAO.

Historically, battle rap winners were decided through fan debates, often resulting in unresolved disputes over who won the most rounds in a match. This traditional method, while engaging, hindered battle raps potential to be recognized as a legitimate sport. Battle Rap Station's groundbreaking box scoring system changes the game entirely. Matches are now scored bar-for-bar, with each line earning positive or negative points based on a clever emoji point system. This method mirrors the excitement of sports, where '4th Quarter Comebacks' create legendary moments. Battle rap can now have its own nail-biting finishes, turning it into a competitive sport with clear, official outcomes.

This transformation has paved the way for Battle Rap Station to launch 'Fantasy Battle Station,' a halal fantasy sports franchise that allows fans to place Shariah Compliant bets not just on battle rap matches scored by the official box score system, but they can play the popular fantasy sports game 'Zodiac Ballas', a game that allows fans to wager on the highest scoring Zodiac House based on the astrological signs of players in the NBA and WNBA respectively, adding a thrilling new dimension to fantasy sports play.

Subscribers of the Super App receive a Metrocard NFT along with a custom email account ([email protected]). The NFT grants access to various web3 wallets that also come with each subscription, while the custom email grants access to a complimentary subscription to the URLTV app, the leading battle rap app valued at $7.99 per month. But the innovation doesn't stop there. Battle Rap Leagues are poised to benefit immensely as every league can now have its own URLTV-style app and linear broadcast network, fully controlled by the respective league and managed by Battle Rap Station. For a $9,000 quarterly fee, leagues subscribing to the League Train package gain eligibility for a 'League Train Battle,' and will receive a 'Salary Cap' to pay battle rappers to represent their Train in the League vs League match ups. The Salary Caps received range from $90,000 to $510,000 and is based on the league rank determined by the OpenAI Battle Rap Ref. A Top Tier ranked league will receive a $510k Salary Cap, while a Mid Tier ranked league gets a $300k Salary Cap and Bottom Tier ranked leagues will have to make due with a $90k Salary Cap. This initiative is perfectly timed as YouTube's new community guidelines threaten to demonetize and remove battle rap content from its platform, making this an essential move for the genre's sustainability.

For the first time in battle rap history, fans can place wagers on matches at the highly anticipated NOME 14 event on June 8th. Bets can be placed using Crypto Cotton, the in-game digital currency earned through engaging tasks in the Token Plantation section. This innovative wagering system adds an exciting dimension to the event, with victorious battle rappers set to earn a share of 30.747 Bitcoin (That's about $2,000,000 based on current Bitcoin pricing levels!) from the victory pool, a first in the industry. To claim their prizes, the victorious battle rappers need to interact with the OpenAI Battle Rap Ref, which will airdrop them a NOME Victory Pool NFT minted on the Polygon MATIC Network that they'll need to initiate the Bitcoin airdrop. But they'll need to pick up the Bitcoin in person at the Claims Window on Staten Island, NY (aka Silicon Shaolin) between June 19-23. During this visit, there will be a post-game style press conference with the Battle Rap Media, all of which will be broadcasted live.

Battle Rap Station expects to onboard 100,000 fans into the web3 ecosystem in its first quarter as all subscribers will receive ERC4337 wallets with gasless transaction features, ensuring a seamless transition. The decision to deploy the ERC4337 wallets on the Polygon Matic Network, is expected to drive a surge in the MATIC token's market cap, potentially reaching $8 billion, up from its current $7.2 billion level. Crypto insiders say this is just the type of activity the industry needs to spark mass adoption.

Battle Rap Station is not just a platform; its a revolution in the battle rap and web3 industries, setting new standards and creating unparalleled opportunities for battle rap fans and leaguesit's pioneering a new era of professional lyrical sports and interactive entertainment with Shariah Compliant web3 gaming products, the DAO says there is much more to come all summer long.

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